This document contains the Terms and Conditions that will govern your participation as member of Partners.Naskademini. Your participation in the program will begin immediately upon your acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth herein, provided your application is accepted.

In order for you to be eligible to join and participate in the Partners.Naskademini program as an “Partner” you must be of legal age, pursuant to the laws of your place of residence.

Partners.Naskademini authorizes the undersigned Partner to participate in its Advertising program, and as such to include in the web pages and social media platfoms owned by the Partner any material necessary to enable users to access Partners.Naskademini’s advertising.

Partners.Naskademini allows advertisers to purchase advertising from other websites and sell and publishers to sell advertising from their sites.

This agreement shall be effective as of the signing thereof and shall remain in force indefinitely.

The parties may terminate this agreement at any time, without cause, prior notice via e-mail. Partners.Naskademini will settle any amounts due to the Partner and incurred prior to the date of termination of the agreement. Any sums pending payment at the termination of this agreement may be withheld until Partners.Naskademini makes a final settlement of accounts, upon which time all sums effectively due shall be paid.
Provided all the conditions set forth herein are fulfilled, Partners.Naskademini undertakes to pay the amount generated, adjusted to the payment conditions chosen under Programs by the Partner.

The Partners.Naskademini system will issue an electronic statement with a faithful detail of the sums due and owed to the Partner, payable by way of PAYPAL, at Partner’s option, provided such system is available in the Partner’s area. Only amounts arising from Partners.Naskademini’s electronic system shall be paid.

Except in the event of termination of the agreement, no payments shall be made for amounts under the minimum amount chosen. In this sense, if the amount of any payment fails to meet the minimum amount chosen by the Partner, such amount shall not be paid that month, being paid instead together with the sum corresponding to the following month, provided the amount incurred is above the minimum.

Partners.Naskademini authorizes the Partner to advertise the services through legal and legitimate means. The Partner is authorized to advertise the services by whichever means the Partner may deem appropriate, but the Partner expressly undertakes to refrain from using forms of advertising that may be considered in any way unlawful or illegal, understanding as such any means defined as unlawful or illegal under applicable provisions in force.

Partners.Naskademini informs that it shall not tolerate the conduct of Partners who use methods of advertising prohibited by applicable international legislation or by usages and practices of the Internet, such methods being grounds for termination hereof and application of the penalties established herein.

SPAM. Distributing or sending unsolicited advertisements to web users via e-mail, newsgroups, IRC or instant messaging constitutes SPAM. The Partner undertakes to comply with Partners.Naskademini’s anti-Spam policy, in accordance with the laws of the United States of America (CAN-SPAM ACT/2003). Any negative report filed against the Partner with respect to the Privacy Policy shall give rise to penalization and subsequently to the immediate termination of this agreement.

The Partner undertakes to make a legitimate use of the service offered by the company, assuming sole responsibility for any wrongful uses or any uses other than those established hereunder. The Partner shall make certain that Internet end users are aware of the following:

The non-free nature of the services or contents which they will access.

In the understanding that the Partner is not an agent of Partners.Naskademini and that the administrator of this program cannot control and is not responsible for controlling the information or contents that the Partner makes available to Internet users, the Partner acknowledges and accepts that the use of the service shall be made under the Partner’s sole risk and responsibility, and thereby Partners.Naskademini shall not be liable for any third-party claims arising from deeds and acts committed by the Partner.

Partners.Naskademini shall not be held responsible for claims by the Partner or any third-parties arising from the Partner’s failure to access the service in the event of accidents or force majeure, or the loss or elimination of information or failure to partially or fully retrieve such information, or connection failures, system failures, server failures, network failures, or any other cause not attributable to the company, including service interruption for the purpose of performing updating and maintenance tasks.

Under no circumstances shall it be understood that Partners.Naskademini assigns the use or licenses its intellectual or industrial property to the Partner.

Given that Partners.Naskademini only provides the service described under clause 2 above, the Partner shall not be allowed to:

use, display or mention, in any media, either directly or indirectly, to the Partner’s clients or any third-parties, Partners.Naskademini’s name, brand, logotypes or similar devices connected with Partners.Naskademini, without the prior consent of Partners.Naskademini, except as part of any of the programs for promoting the site;

act in any way that may damage or harm Partners.Naskademini’s reputation and good name.

Both parties undertake to observe the confidential nature of the information exchanged in connection with this agreement. By virtue of the above, said information shall not be disclosed or made available to third-parties even after the termination of this agreement, unless so required by pertinent authorities.

In the event of breach of any of the clauses contained herein or in the event of well-founded suspicion of fraud or any other criminal activity or misconduct pursuant to local or international laws or the uses and practices of the Internet, Partners.Naskademini reserves the right to immediately terminate this agreement and as a fine permanently cancel payment of any pending fees, without prejudice to bringing any civil or criminal actions it may be entitled to.

The Partner shall immediately remove any icons, links or references to Partners.Naskademini from all Partners pages.

Partners.Naskademini reserves the right to cancel the account of any Partners that, to Partners.Naskademini’s discretion, have an unusual number of chargeback reimbursements. In such case, any sums of money due to the Partner shall be used to cover the expenses incurred by the Partner’s actions, in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

The Partner shall be solely responsible for any taxes whose taxable event is the provision of services offered by the Partner.

The parties declare that the rights and obligations hereunder are the rights and obligations arising from their professional activities and therefore the terms and conditions of this agreement do not entail the existence of an employment relationship for any of the parties.

The parties expressly agree that the agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Uruguay and further agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Uruguay for the purposes hereof.

Partners.Naskademini reserves the right to amend, either wholly or in part, the terms and conditions of service, and shall post any such amendments in its web site and notify them via e-mail to the address indicated by the Partner in the application. Any amendments shall be notified 24 hours in advance.

If the Partner does not accept the amendments within that term, the Partner may terminate this agreement, giving rise to any payments that may be pending. By continuing to use the service after being notified, the Partner will be consenting to the amendment(s).

Acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions implies in the same manner, the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions for Partners.Naskademini, which can be consulted at