About « BLK SKN Presets

BLKSKN presets is a platform for photographers to access resources and build community around the creation of images of Black skin.

Founded by photographer Naskademini, the foundation of BLKSKN presets is a series of custom Lightroom adjustments designed to bring out the many tones of melanin by contrasting and complementing colours in a harmonious way.

The site features collaborations with a carefully curated community of photographers who have each developed custom presets that cover a diverse range of sets and settings: from outdoors in natural light to controlled studio lighting, from bright colour backgrounds to black+white compositions.

Colour grading and editing of Black and Brown skin tones have been historically overlooked in the preset and luts industry. While many great photography presets already exist, BLKSKN presets are designed specifically for the full spectrum of shades and colours of Black skin.

Whether you are a photographer who does not have experience editing dark complexions or you specialize in melanated subjects, our presets will enhance your images and improve your workflow.

I invite you to join the BLKSKN preset community and thank you for your support!

– Naskademini