BLK SKN x Yannis Davy 004

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BLK SKN Lr preset, created to colour grade black and brown  skin tones.
About this preset: High Contrast with bold colours.
Best Practices: Natural light,Outdoors

Adobe Lightroom CC, Classic CC, 6,5,4 (Desktop Only)
Mac /Windows

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This custom LightRoom preset created by photographer Yannis Davyin collaboration with BLKSKN presets was created to achieve his style of colouring of black and brown skin tones.

To achieve the best results this preset should be applied to RAW images created with natural light and harsh sun.

Included in this download :

2 presets for varying skin tones.

BLK SKN tools included
– Clarity
– Clarity +
– Clarity ++
– Clarity +++
– Shadows +
– Shadows ++
– Shadows +++
– Contrast
– Contrast +
– Contrast ++
– Contrast +++
– Grain
– Grain +
– Grain ++
– Grain +++


Digital download
Adobe Lightroom CC, Classic CC, 6,5,4 (Desktop Only)
Mac /Windows

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